Cyberpunk Edgerunners Lucy and David Skate Deck


Shred and ride deckheads!

Forget hunting around for a black market Sandevistan, this preem skate deck is all you need to pump up your agility and help you glide through the streets like there’s no tomorrow! 

The deck’s mellow concave shape allows for both old-school and new-school skating — plus it’s way easier to control than any cyberware. And with its vibrant, eye-catching artwork of David and Lucy, you’ll have the perfect team to accompany you on your missions to the halfpipe and beyond. 

The yellow wood veneer on the top of the deck stands out, best combined with clear or cut grip tape — no chrome needed. Just add trucks, wheels, and grip tape to turn this unique piece of art into your ultimate skateboard. Ride and grind the edge like a true Night City cyberpunk!

Skate deck only, trucks and wheels not included 


  • Material: 7 ply Canadian maple plywood deck
  • Art by Studio Trigger
  • Dimensions:
    1. 59 cm (8.5”) wide
    2. 28 cm (32”) long
    3. 35 cm (2.5”) tall including kick on nose and tail 


  • Yellow-colored wood top veneer
  • Cold-pressed Canadian maple
  • Full-color heat transfer printing
  • Mellow concave shape
  • Manufacturing North America based
  • Board only, wheels not included 

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Cyberpunk Edgerunners Lucy and David Skate Deck


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